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For decades, Sharp has been crafting TVs that are both technologically advanced and durable, thanks to the quality of the components they use.

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At TV Parts Today, we’re the go-to destination for authentic, high-quality TV components. As we unravel the intricate architecture of Sharp TVs, remember that for every part and every need, TV Parts Today has you covered.

Sharp TV Boards

The brilliance of a Sharp TV display is powered by a sophisticated symphony of boards and circuits working seamlessly together. These boards ensure that the visual and audio performance of the TV is second to none, providing viewers with a captivating experience every time they power it on.

Main Boards

Acting as the central nervous system of the TV, the main board orchestrates a harmonious collaboration between the different components. This ensures fluidity in operations and peak performance in both visuals and audio. If your Sharp TV begins to show issues related to input-output coordination or struggles with sound-visual sync, the main board should be the first suspect.

Power Supply Boards

Every pixel that lights up, every sound byte that emanates, is powered by the Power Supply Board. This critical component guarantees that the right voltage reaches the right place, maintaining the TV’s operational integrity. When a Sharp TV either refuses to turn on or sporadically shuts down, the power supply board often holds the answers.

T-Con Boards

Standing for Timing Control, the T-Con boards are the unsung heroes behind the crystal-clear display that Sharp TVs are renowned for. These boards are responsible for the screen’s pixel-by-pixel output. Should there be any distortion, misalignment, or fragmentation in the display, the T-Con board might be calling out for attention.

WI-FI Boards

With Smart TVs becoming the norm, Wi-Fi boards in Sharp TVs have never been more crucial. This board ensures a steadfast and efficient internet connection, making streaming and online browsing seamless. Laggy streams or dropped connections might just be signaling a hiccup in this component.

LED Drivers

Sharp televisions, known for their luminosity and vividness, owe much of this reputation to the LED drivers. These parts modulate power to the display, ensuring optimal brightness and clarity. Should you notice dim patches or inconsistent brightness, it’s often the LED drivers that need a closer look.

Backlight Inverters

Primarily significant for LCD models, the backlight inverter is essential. It controls the power supply to the screen’s backlight. Issues like a faint display or no illumination often point towards the inverter as the potential culprit.

Backlight Strips

Ensuring that the entire screen is uniformly lit, backlight strips play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall TV viewing experience. Over time, certain LEDs on these strips can falter, resulting in uneven illumination. Using genuine Sharp backlight strips can rectify this, restoring the TV to its radiant best.

Logic Control

A lesser-known yet vital component, the logic control board efficiently handles and processes varied signals within the TV, ensuring that video and audio outputs are perfectly in sync. If there’s any noticeable mismatch or lag, this board could be the origin of the issue.

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