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Try TV repair yourself! Follow the 3 simple steps below to diagnose your TV's issue and find your repair part!

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Learn more about how our high-quality replacement parts can help resolve those pesky problems and restore your devices to their full potential in our comprehensive info article.

TV repair is easy!

Discover the power of visual learning with our extensive collection of video guides designed to assist you in tackling repairs and troubleshooting like a pro! Our step-by-step video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from simple fixes to complex tasks, making it easier than ever to understand the process.

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Useful info about TV repair process

  • Basic Troubleshooting Guide

    Use this guide to help determine which part or parts to replace in your TV based on your symptoms.

  • How to Identify Parts

    Use this guide to help determine the manufacturer's part number for the parts in your TV.

  • Sony Firmware Update Guide

    Check out our Sony firmware update guide to walk you through the process of updating your TV's firmware via USB!

  • How to Request a Return

    Request a RETURN, this means you are NOT interested in a free warranty replacement and would like to return the part(s).

  • How to Request a Replacement

    Requesting a free warranty replacement part. (submit the request and be contacted by our Replacements Department via email)