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TCL is a global leader in the television industry and has consistently brought forth an array of TVs that harmoniously blend innovation with affordability. Particularly noted for their Roku integrations, these TCL TVs have etched a unique space in the market, marrying exceptional features with user-friendly interfaces.

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At TV Parts Today, we acknowledge the intricate craftsmanship behind every TCL TV model. Whether you’re a DIY aficionado or a seasoned technician, join us as we unfold the essence of TCL TV parts.

TCL TV Boards

Behind the seamless performance of every TCL TV lies a complex network of boards, each playing a pivotal role to ensure that the viewers get an unmatched experience, be it in terms of visuals, sound, or connectivity.

Main Boards

The main board, often termed the brain of any TCL TV, manages the orchestration of audio and visual signals. This ensures that every feature, especially those unique to TCL Roku TVs, functions impeccably. Ensuring this board’s health is paramount, for it dictates the overall performance and responsiveness of the TV.

Power Supply Boards

Powering every aspect of TCL TVs, the power supply boards are foundational. They regulate and distribute electricity, ensuring that the myriad of components inside your TV get the required power. Whether it’s the bright visuals or the sharp audio, this board ensures everything runs without a hiccup.

T-Con Boards

The Timing Control or T-Con boards in TCL TVs have a critical role – they oversee the screen’s display dynamics. From ensuring color accuracy to maintaining pixel precision, a functioning T-Con board guarantees that your viewing experience remains vibrant and free of distortions.

WI-FI Boards

If you have a smart TV like a TCL Roku TV, the Wi-Fi board is a central component since it allows streaming and online interactivity. It bridges the gap between your TV and the world of online content, making sure that all the smart features TCL offers are just a click away.

LED Drivers

Every vibrant and sharp image on an TCL TV owes its brilliance to the LED drivers. These essential components power the backlight of the TV, regulating the LEDs to ensure consistent brightness and preventing potential flickering. A malfunctioning LED driver can lead to issues like dim screens or uneven brightness, which can significantly hamper the viewing experience.

Investing in a quality LED driver replacement ensures that your TCL TV’s display remains as radiant and clear as intended. Our curated collection of TCL LED drivers is tailored for various TCL TV models, promising compatibility and optimal performance.

Backlight Strips

Backlight strips play a pivotal role in illuminating the visuals from behind on your TCL TV. Comprising multiple LEDs, these strips work in tandem to provide uniform brightness, ensuring that the content on your screen is displayed in its full glory. Over time, individual LEDs on these strips can malfunction or dim, causing shadowy areas or uneven brightness on the display.

Our range of backlight strips for TCL TVs is crafted to offer direct replacements, ensuring a seamless fit and restoring the visual brilliance TCL TVs are known for. With our high-quality backlight strips, your TCL television’s display can return to its vibrant and consistent luminance, making your viewing sessions more enjoyable than ever.

Backlight Inverters

Backlight inverters play a crucial role in LCD models of TCL TVs, responsible for powering the fluorescent lamps that light up the screen. When working correctly, they ensure consistent brightness throughout your television display. However, if you notice your screen is unusually dim, flickering, or failing to light up at all while the audio remains functional, the backlight inverter might be the culprit. Replacing this component is often a more cost-effective solution than opting for a new TV.

Our collection of backlight inverters is designed to align perfectly with various TCL TV models, ensuring both compatibility and efficiency. By investing in a quality backlight inverter, you can rejuvenate your TCL TV’s display, ensuring it remains as vivid and luminous as the day you bought it.

TCL Replacement Remote

The remote control is an integral part of your TV, especially with feature-rich TCL Roku models. Whether navigating the Roku interface or adjusting settings, a responsive remote is vital. However, remotes can sometimes face wear and tear or get misplaced.

Our collection of TCL replacement remotes is designed to mirror the original’s functionality, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the features your TV offers. Whether you’re replacing an old remote or seeking an advanced voice-controlled version, our selection ensures your TCL viewing experience remains seamless and enjoyable.

Shop Quality TV Replacement Parts from TV Parts Today

The components and parts that TCL offers for their range of TVs are in line with their commitment to quality and innovation. By investing in genuine TCL TV parts, you’re ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your television.

At TV Parts Today, we’re your trusted partner in your TV maintenance journey. With an extensive range of parts compatible with various TCL TV models, we guarantee quality, reliability, and performance.If you need guidance on TV repair, our team is just a call away. Reach out to us, and together, we’ll ensure your TCL TV remains in impeccable shape.

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