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Sony is a name that resonates with innovation, quality, and longevity in the world of electronics. With its rich legacy in delivering top-tier television experiences, Sony remains a preferred choice for many households and establishments.

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At TV Parts Today, we’re committed to providing authentic and quality parts. We stand as the top source for both DIY enthusiasts and professional repair technicians. Read on to get an in-depth look into the integral components of Sony TVs.

Sony TV Boards

Sony’s excellence in delivering impeccable visuals and audio is underpinned by the synergy of multiple boards working together inside the television. These boards, each with its specific function, collectively ensure that your Sony TV experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Main Boards

The main board orchestrates the seamless coordination between visuals and audio. Sony TVs are renowned for their detailed display and vivid colors and the main board has a major role to play in that regard. If you ever come across a Sony TV experiencing issues with input recognition or sound-visual synchronicity, the main board should be your first point of examination.

Power Supply Boards

Every function of a Sony TV, from lighting up the screen to producing sound, hinges on the effective operation of the power supply board. This board ensures that the right amount of power reaches every part of the television. When a Sony TV fails to turn on or faces intermittent power disruptions, this component often takes center stage in the diagnosis.

T-Con Boards

The Timing Control, or T-Con boards are responsible for rendering the digital video signal onto the screen, a functioning T-Con board ensures that the viewer gets sharp, uninterrupted visuals. Any distortions or misalignments in the display could signal issues with this board.

WI-FI Boards

With the growing emphasis on Smart TVs and integrated streaming, Wi-Fi boards in Sony TVs are crucial. This component ensures that your television maintains a consistent and fast connection to the internet, enabling seamless streaming and browsing. If you’re facing issues with connectivity or inconsistent streaming qualities on your Sony TV, the Wi-Fi board may be the component to scrutinize.

LED Drivers

These drivers regulate the power to the LEDs, ensuring they provide optimal brightness and contrast. If sections of your screen appear dim or there’s inconsistency in brightness, the LED drivers may need inspection.

Backlight Inverters

Especially pertinent to LCD models of Sony TVs, the backlight inverter plays a pivotal role. It modulates power supply to the screen’s backlight, ensuring even and consistent lighting. A malfunctioning inverter might lead to a dim display or even a screen that doesn’t illuminate. Replacing or servicing this component is often key to rejuvenating the luminosity of older Sony TVs.

Backlight Strips

Every dazzling display on a Sony TV owes its brilliance to the perfectly aligned backlight strips. These are responsible for uniformly lighting the screen, enhancing the overall viewing experience. With time or due to malfunctions, LEDs on these strips can fail, leading to dark sections or uneven illumination. Authentic Sony backlight strips can help address these issues, restoring the TV’s display to its original luminance.

Audio Boards

Sound quality is as integral to the viewing experience as visuals. Sony’s audio boards work meticulously to deliver crisp, clear, and immersive sound. If there are distortions in audio output or issues with sound modes, the audio board might be at the heart of the problem.


Buffers in Sony TVs play a crucial role in managing and optimizing the display data before it’s rendered on the screen. They assist in ensuring that the display is smooth, free from glitches, and sharp. If your Sony TV begins showing signs of laggy visuals or glitches, the buffer boards may require attention.

Logic Control

The logic control board in Sony TVs is a critical component responsible for handling and processing various signals within the TV. Its optimal functioning ensures that both video and audio outputs are perfectly synchronized. If there’s a mismatch or delay in sound-video synchronization, examining the logic control board could provide insights.

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Sony TVs are built to offer a supreme viewing experience. To maintain and even enhance this experience, it’s crucial to ensure every component, every part, is in prime condition. At TV Parts Today, we understand the intricacies of every Sony TV model. Our mission is to help you access the genuine Sony TV parts you need. As your reliable partner, we guarantee quality, affordability, and authenticity in every product. Don’t compromise on your Sony TV’s performance. Reach out to our team today, we’ll ensure your Sony TV delivers unmatched quality consistently.

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