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LG is a brand that resonates with both excellence and reliability. Their wide range of television sets, known for sophisticated designs and top-notch performance, often require equally exceptional parts for maintenance and repairs.

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LG TV Boards

The various boards within an LG television act as the nerve center, ensuring seamless communication, power distribution, and picture quality. Each board has a unique function and understanding their roles can be invaluable for both the DIY enthusiast and the experienced technician.

Main Boards

Often considered the brain of the television, the main board processes the input and output signals, playing an indispensable role in the overall functionality of your LG TV. Any glitches, be it audio or video, might stem from issues in this component. Replacing a faulty main board with quality LG TV parts ensures your TV continues delivering a flawless experience.

Power Supply Boards

Regardless of your LG TV model, without a robust power supply board, your TV won’t even start. This component regulates the electricity from your outlet to the various parts of the television. If your TV experiences random shutdowns or power lags, inspecting and potentially replacing this board can be a game-changer.

LG T-Con Boards

Short for Timing Control, the T-Con boards in LG TVs manage the screen display. A malfunction here could result in visual disturbances, from discoloration to scrambled imagery. Properly functioning T-Con boards guarantee sharp and vibrant visuals, an LG trademark.

FRC Boards

Frame Rate Control (FRC) boards are responsible for the smooth transition of images on your LG TV screen. Any stuttering or lag in the visuals? The FRC board may be the culprit. Ensure your movies and videos play seamlessly by keeping this board in top condition.

Audio Boards

Sound is as crucial as visuals in a complete TV experience. LG’s audio boards process and amplify all the sounds emanating from your television. From muted audio to strange noises, a faulty audio board can cause a range of issues. Replacement with authentic LG TV replacement parts can restore the crisp and clear LG audio you love.

Logic Control

The Logic Control Board is a cornerstone for ensuring your LG TV screen displays images correctly. It works diligently behind the scenes to manage the signals sent to the display panel, ensuring every pixel is perfectly positioned.

If your TV displays garbled images or unusual patterns, the logic control board might be the issue. Our selection offers reliable and efficient replacements, ensuring your TV visuals remain sharp and clear.

WI-FI Boards

WiFi boards facilitate flawless online streaming, timely updates, and seamless smart home interactions. Ensuring the optimal performance of this WiFi board is crucial for harnessing the full range of your LG TV’s smart capabilities. If you wish to boost your TV’s streaming potential, selecting a compatible WiFi board, aligned with LG’s impeccable standards, becomes imperative.

LG LED Drivers

LED drivers are the unsung heroes of your LG television, ensuring that the backlight of the TV functions at optimum levels. These components maintain consistent brightness, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your screen.

If you’re facing issues related to flickering screens or inconsistent brightness, it may be time to inspect the LED drivers. With our range of genuine LG LED drivers, you can be confident in restoring your TV to its luminous best.

LG Buffers

LG buffers are integral components responsible for transmitting the correct data to the TV’s screen. These parts ensure that every detail, from fast-action scenes to vibrant color palettes, gets displayed without any hitches. If you notice horizontal lines or other display disruptions on your LG TV, the buffers may need attention.

Backlight Strips

Backlight strips in LG TVs play the critical role of illuminating the visuals from behind, ensuring consistent brightness across the screen. Over time, individual LEDs on these strips can fail, affecting the TV’s display quality.

Instead of investing in a brand new TV, consider exploring our range of backlight strips tailored for LG models. They can breathe new life into your television, restoring its original brightness and vibrancy.

Backlight Inverters

Backlight inverters for LG TVs are pivotal in LCD models, converting the DC power to AC for the fluorescent lamps behind the screen. A failing inverter can lead to a dim screen or complete darkness, even if the TV seems to be powered on. Our curated collection of backlight inverters is designed to be the perfect fit for various LG TV models, ensuring you get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies in no time.

LG Replacement Remote

In today’s era of smart technology, an efficient remote control isn’t just a luxury, it’s essential. For those moments when your original remote goes missing or malfunctions, our collection of LG replacement remotes comes to the rescue. Designed to mirror the functionality of the original, these remotes ensure you never miss out on the diverse features your LG TV offers.

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